Six Bones

Brief info

Recording Academy Member Stix Bones graduated Purchase College, State University of New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Performance. Stix started his career touring with Rahzel The Godfather of Noise in the UK and France and touring the U.S. with 5 time Showtime at the Apollo winner/Author/Poet Jessica Care Moore.

Stix independently released his first full-length Smooth Jazz album entitled "Groove Like This". The album has graced the airwaves of more than 40 jazz radio stations in the US, jazz internet and satellite stations across the globe. It has charted in the top 10 on the digital jazz charts and made it to the top 20 jazz charts in France.

Stix became the drummer for internationally known group Soulfege. Lead by Take back The Mic founder Derrick N. Ashong. Stix has had the privilege to record two award winning albums with Soulfege and toured the U.S. The album “Afropolitan” made It's mark on the Jazz Week World Charts. Shortly after Stix dipped into his pot of creativity and pulled out his producer chops with a contribution on Jazz artist Matt Marshak’s album “Family Funktion” with the hit single “Gas Lamp Groove”. Matt and Stix returned to the studio to produce another hit single “Harlem River Drive”. Stix reconnected with Derrick Ashong to produce music for his Emmy nominated TV music competition series - Take Back The Mic.

Stix Bones has built a respectable name within the music industry. He is truly credited as a Brother Of Noble Excellence.

錄音學院成員 Stix Bones 畢業於紐約州立Purchase大學,獲得爵士表演學士學位。 Stix 的職業生涯始於與 Rahzel The Godfather of Noise 在英國和法國的巡迴演出,並在美國阿波羅獲獎者/作家/詩人 Jessica Care Moore 的 Showtime 巡迴演出中 5 次。

Stix 獨立發行了他的第一張 Smooth Jazz 專輯,名為“Groove Like This”。這張專輯在美國 40 多個爵士廣播電台、全球爵士互聯網和衛星電台廣播中大放異彩,並在爵士樂數位排行榜上名列前 10 名,並打進法國爵士樂排行榜前 20 名。

Stix 成為國際知名樂隊 Soulfege 的鼓手,由 Take back The Mic 創始人 Derrick N. Ashong 領軍。 Stix 有幸與 Soulfege 合作錄製了兩張獲獎專輯並在美國巡迴演出。專輯“Afropolitan”在爵士周世界排行榜上名列前茅。不久之後,Stix 開始發揮他專輯製作的創造潛力,為爵士藝術家 Matt Marshak 的專輯 “Family Funktion” 和他的熱門單曲“Gas Lamp Groove”。而他們合作的另一張熱門單曲“哈萊姆河大道”,登上了榜首。Stix 與 Derrick Ashong 重新聯繫,為他獲得艾美獎提名的電視音樂比賽系列《奪回麥克風》製作音樂。

Stix Bones 在音樂界樹立了一個受人尊敬的名聲,而他也的確是主內追求卓越的兄弟。